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Forensic Consultant

24+ Years Experience

I have been called by the Prosecution & Defense to provide expert testimony pertaining to
forensic examinations in the fields of:

Firearms & Tool Mark Examination
Forensic expert in evidence regarding firearms, toolmarks, and ballistics.
Shooting Reconstruction
Shooting incident reconstruction is the examination of the physical evidence recovered or documented at the scene of a shooting.
Gunshot Residue Analysis
Residue deposited on the hands and clothes of someone who discharges a firearm.
Blood Spatter Analysis
The interpretation of bloodstains at a crime scene in order to recreate the actions that caused the bloodshed.
Crime Scene Reconstruction
Crime reconstruction or crime scene reconstruction is the forensic science discipline in which one gains ``explicit knowledge of the series of events that surround the commission of a crime using deductive and inductive reasoning, physical evidence, scientific methods, and their interrelationships``.
  • Firearms & Ballistic Analysis, Ejection Pattern Testing, Muzzle to Target Determination, Bullet & Cartridge Case Identification, Function Testing, Gunshots into Metal & Glass, Caliber Determination, Blood Spatter Analysis, Gunshot Residue Analysis, Shooting & Crime Scene Reconstruction, Expert Testimony
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Highly Recommended

I utilized Chris Robinson as an expert in a case in which my client was charged with Second Degree Murder.  Chris was able to assist me in analyzing the crime scene, the blood spatter evidence and firearm evidence. This allowed me to utilize one expert where I would normally need three.  He was able to provide me with quality opinions in all three areas and, perhaps more importantly, convey this information to the trier of fact in an understandable way. He also testified without the attitude possessed by some experts that alienates juries.  I would highly recommend Chris as an expert witness.

Rexford G. Darrow II, Criminal Defense Attorney - Naples, Florida

A True Professional.

Chris Robinson is a true professional.  Our firm hired Chris as a crime scene and shooting reconstruction expert on a first degree murder case.  Chris did a fantastic job evaluating the evidence which included video, photos, reports and diagrams in a timely and professional fashion. He gave me an honest and concise evaluation of our case and the theory of our defense.  He offered great assistance in preparation for the cross examination of the State’s experts as well.  Chris has an exceptional eye for detail and his knowledge about firearms is unrivaled.  I always found Chris to be accessible to discuss the case especially as we approached trial!   I highly recommend Chris Robinson to attorneys in need of a competent, reasonable forensic crime scene or shooting reconstruction expert!

Dionne M. Scherff | Attorney and Partner | Joseph, Hollander & Craft | Overland Park, Kansas

“As excellent on the stand as he was enjoyable and knowledgeable to be around.”

I am an attorney in Leesville, Louisiana. Christopher Robinson was referred to me by another attorney located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We contracted with Christopher to review evidence in a Public Defender murder trial that was to take place last year. I was able to send Christopher pictures of the evidence and of the crime scene in the case. Christopher was able to generate a preliminary report and give our team great insight as to what happened the night of the murder. Furthermore, in order to perform a trajectory analysis, Christopher came down to Louisiana and spent the day with our team reviewing evidence at the Sheriff’s Department and at the crime scene itself. Working with Christopher was a pleasure. His knowledge of his trade was and is unparalleled. With Christopher’s help, we were able to negotiate a plea deal, greatly to the benefit of our client. My one regret is that I was unable to see Christopher testify at trial, as my attorney friend in Baton Rouge, who referred Christopher, indicated that he was as excellent on the stand as he was enjoyable and knowledgeable to be around. I very much look forward to working with Christopher again, and I always refer him to anyone looking for forensic and/or trajectory analysis of a case.

Katie Beaird | Attorney at Law | Leesville, Louisiana

“Helped my clients tremendously.”

Chris Robinson has discovered ballistics issues in cases that have helped my clients tremendously.  He is excellent at educating me on concepts so that I can in turn successfully explain them to a jury.   He’s a great guy and a pleasure to work with.

J. Rhodes Bailey, Esq. Columbia, SC | Richland County Public Defender’s Office

Unassailable Expertise and Experience

I have used Mr. Robinson as an expert for Ballistics and Shooting Reconstruction in several murder cases. His expertise and experience are unassailable. Moreover, Mr. Robinson’s objectivity cannot be questioned because he has worked for both the defense and prosecutor. He can communicate scientific principles in a clear and concise way. I would highly recommend him for both the defense and prosecutor. 

Patricia Quintilian, Esq. Williamsburg, MA 01096

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